Daily Star Parking Lot

Whenever my collaborator, Lars, and I came up with a set of random GPS coordinates for the Landscape Lottery, we used the Google Earth app to pinpoint the location and get an aerial preview of what was in store for me. Google Earth zooms in on a GPS point with some fanfare, sometimes sweeping the virtual viewer into outer space before arcing back to earth in an accelerating rush, the precise target rising up and into focus with dizzying speed and fateful precision. I always watched these displays with some trepidation. This was especially the case the first time, as I watched the aerial cross-hairs dropping into a desolate looking section of south Tucson.

My first painting location turned out to be in the middle of a blacktop parking lot. Learning it was the parking lot for the local newspaper, the Daily Star, made the prospect a little cheerier; I figured I might get some publicity for the project. Unfortunately the arts writer was out when I showed up. If the painting looks a little rough, it may be that, having driven 20 minutes to paint a parking lot, I was still coming to terms with the implications of my project, not quite comfortably settled into the task at hand.