Winslow Road Bridge

The third set of coordinates for the Landscape Lottery took me to an area of low-density residential subdivisions on the northeast side of Tucson - but down in a drainage channel, with no view of the surrounding houses or nearby mountains.

Finding myself in an obscure wash with nothing much to look at was at first disheartening. In fact, I didn't like the experience much at all until after I'd completed the painting, that evening - at which time I began to develop fond feelings for the place. It's a privilege of sorts to get to interact creatively with a little bit of the world that pretty much no one else ever sees, let alone thinks about. There was sand, there were shadows, there were a few goldfinches in the nearby palo verde trees - a simplicity that sits happily in my memory. The bridge gave me some structure to work with and the slightest echo of a favorite painting by Corot, The Bridge at Narni.