Air Force Boneyard

The Boneyard is a storage and dumping ground for thousands of US military planes, located near the Davis Monthan Air Force Base, on the outskirts of town. My 4th Landscape Lottery point happened to be in the southeast quadrant of the Boneyard. I quickly learned that, because it's a high security facility, landscape painters are not allowed to wander freely on site. But I also learned that there is a Boneyard bus tour, which is popular enough to run a few times per day, most days of the week. The tour gave me the opportunity to get a feel for the place and also to sketch and take reference photos along the way, while listening to running commentary from a friendly and well-informed docent/tour guide. I found it all pretty interesting but also, in the end, depressing, despite my best efforts not to focus on the staggering cost in money and lives it all represented.

Technical note: While most of the painting panels I use for my projects are the same size, they are primed in an array of colors, from black to gray to buff. For this scene, predominantly blue and white, I chose a panel primed with red ocher - partly to give the more sedate colors something to push against chromatically, and partly for a subliminal nod to the red white and blue of the US flag.