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VARIOUS LINKS: if you're in a browsing mood, here is an annotated list of links you might enjoy - sources of inspiration, other artists I know, or people doing things I find interesting. Read on, or click on the images at right and see where you end up (for example, the Mono Lake Sunset painting links to the conservation organization my Mono Lake hosts run):

family | artist pals | some of my i.a.p. hosts | misc.

The original Itinerant Artist Project website, ca. 2000, is www.edteck.com/jhmott. It was designed by Peter Pappas in exchange for a painting! It's no longer up-to-date, but we like it. Learn more about Peter Pappas and his work at the main www.edteck.com website.


My wife, Sonja Livingston's website includes news about her award-winning memoir, Ghostbread (Univ. of Georgia Press), along with writing samples and links to poems, essays, and short stories published online.

My sister Emily Mott is a highly accomplished photographer with an elegant website. Her husband, Fred Duncannon's Stansted Farm Shop is a premier source for Seasonal Food from the South Downs and Coast (UK). My younger brother Bill directs an inspiring marine conservation effort called the Ocean Project. My older brother, John, is a Washington DC Superior Court judge, as well as a superior athlete. He doesn't have a website, but you can check out his official court bio here.


Around my hometown of Rochester, NY, I sometimes get out to sketch or paint with these other area artists. Check out their work: Carol Acquilano, Kathryn Bevier, Phil Bliss, Shannon Elliott (now in Memphis), and Kate Edwards (now in Saratoga).

Alan Singer is one of those rare artists who is in academia but always growing, successful yet always helping other artists. He wrote an article about my first tour for American Artist magazine. Richard Raiselis was an advisor for my MFA; he does outstanding urban landscape painting in Boston.


Usually the people who host me on my Itinerant Artist Project tours are non-artists interested to see what a painter will paint when he gets to their homes. But increasingly I've been hosted by other artists who are curious to see what I'm up to or want to help me along my way. Below are some my artist hosts' websites (any hosts not included, please send me your links).

But first is the website for the writer Don Evans who was only recently a host but was instrumental in getting the Itinerant Artist Project off the ground back in 2000.

Artist hosts:
Al Price and Erin Flinton (Phoenix)
Lynn Woods (Kingston NY)
Jay Mead (Vermont)
Tom Hoffmann (Seattle)
Mary Keefer (Bozeman)
Sue Martin (Salt Lake City)
Jon Marvel (architect, New York City)
Rebecca Crowell (Osseo WI)
Sydney McKenna and Rob Mitchell (St. Augustine FL)


This section could go on indefinitely. As a start, I will simply add the websites of two highly accomplished hosts from my first tour - not visual artists primarily, but certainly creative and inventive. In fact it would be hard to find any two individuals who together cover more of the spectrum of creative ability:

Theo Gray, whose Periodic Table poster (at right) is just the tip of the iceberg; and righteous singer/ songwriter/ cousin Ani DiFranco.

And finally, speaking of music, my favorite local band. Maybe my favorite band anywhere: The Chinchillas.