Customer Responses

Beach at Martha's Vineyard:
Approximately 6" x 18", oil on board.
Painted from two different photos of the beach.

We've been going to the Vinyards since 1967, the year we moved to Massachusetts. It's a place that's been very special in the life of our family. I must have taken a thousand pictures of this scene over 30 years, but Jim caught it so beautifully. It's hard to imagine his being able to do it, and catch the mood so well from just a photograph, particularly since he'd never been there before. It's the most amazing thing. It sits right over us both in the kitchen. I even installed track lighting so I could do justice to the painting. This place is now a part of our daily lives, not only because we think and talk about it, but because we see it.

Howard Berwind, on the painting he received as a 60th birthday gift from his wife.

Bristol Hills Set:
Approximately 6" x 8" each, oil on board.
Painted on location.


There's a particular view that has great meaning to me. As I've gone over that rise, I've often thought that it personified my love of Bristol Hills. Jim painted three different views as a gift from our family for my 75th birthday. I'm at that stage in life where I have all the material things in life. This was a very special gift. It really keeps that place alive for me.

Richard Fitts, on the set of paintings he received as a gift.

To arrange or discuss a commission, contact me at: jhmott [at] juno [dot] com


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