A lawn and a driveway in Norman, OK

The 2015 tour was my longest IAP road trip since 2000, when I launched the project with a 2 1/2 month coast to coast journey. Shorter regional and local tours have proven more sustainable, and I figured 2015 would probably be my last cross-country tour. This inspired considerable reflection and prompted me to revisit some of the key hosts from the first tour. Dave Chappell, the Civil Rights historian (and also an old friend), was one.

The visit was short and sweet, and when dusk fell the first evening there was about half an hour when a seemingly very ordinary neighborhood in Norman OK became so wonderful to look at that I almost couldn't bear it. I'm afraid this painting of my car in Dave's driveway serves more as a shorthand reminder for me than as an evocative transcription of the enchantment that twilight delivered.