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I give power point and multi-media presentations on the Itinerant Artist Project and other topics, classroom talks and demos, and gallery talks accompanying my Itinerant Artist Exhibits.

My venues have included museums; art centers; graduate seminars; undergraduate painting, philosophy, and communications classes; high school classes; painting clubs; libraries; senior living centers; and private homes.

For more information, or to schedule a presentation,
contact me.

THE ITINERANT ARTIST PROJECT (IAP): Creative odyssey, geographic and social adventure, art performance, experiment in gift exchange, and exploration of the connections that art can make in fragmented times -- the IAP tends to give people a lot to think about.

With exciting location photos, dozens of paintings, maps, and more... there is plenty to look at, as well. Check the Itinerant Artist Project section of this website for more background.

There is gift-exchange in my life, to be sure, but even I have never had
the nerve to try an experiment as full as the one you undertook. Bravo!

- Lewis Hyde, author of The Gift

OTHER TOPICS that I can address include: art and the environment; art and spirituality; landscape painting in the 21st century; sketching and journaling; and of course my own art. Particularly with art students and artist groups, I am happy to discuss such matters as: general technique; oil painting on colored grounds; and the art of travel painting. The latter two subjects I have also written on for the Daniel Smith catalogue and website.

VISITING ARTIST / ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: I have been a visiting artist or artist in residence at several colleges, public high schools and private academies and am happy to take on that role (in any setting) when my schedule allows. Please contact me at the above email address if there is a program you would like me to participate in.